Facebook is popular social networking site having has millions of users worldwide and growing….Most of us log in to our facebook account atleast once every day to check messages from our friends, their photos/videos ,status and to play games if free.

Games on Facebook are really very addictive and I have enjoyed playing few games myself.

Here is a list of 8 best addictive Facebook games which you cannot resist :

FarmVille – Farmville is one of my favorite game developed by Zynga.In this game the players raise animals, grow trees, plants and harvest them. By harvesting plants and trees players get rewards and points. Some players have even decorated their farm; have huge buildings and equipments to do virtual farming. A very addictive game.

Frontier Ville – FrontierVille is a game where the players build buildings,chop trees,farm.Zynga who has developed FrontierVille has added a concept of a distant lover/spouse to whom the players can send gifts and can correspond to them. Players can help each other to make buildings,stop plants to get unwither.FrontierVille has more than 12 million users.

Mafia Wars – In this game the players create mafia by recruiting other players. The game revolves around fighting and doing other virtual criminal activities to earn cash and to grow their mafia.

Vampire Wars – Vampire Wars is a game where you and your friends are Vampires and the game is about becoming the most powerful Vampire by recruiting maximum number of players and it is said to be the hottest horror game in Facebook.The players have customizable avatar,visceral combat and super human strength. Players have to concentrate on building blood so that they can acquire minions.The game is played in several levels.

Bejeweled Blitz – It is one of the most popular gem-swapping puzzle game which users enjoy playing in Facebook.You have to compete with your friends to win prizes.

Social City – In this game the players build their own city- houses, apartments and hotels. Players can help each other by visiting each other’s city and by sharing gifts. You can expand your city only if you have minimum amount of virtual currency or friends.

FishVille – It is also being developed by Zynga.Players can raise fish in their virtual aquarium. Players have to add fish in their aquarium, feeding them and selling. By selling fish they get coins and rewards. Players get rewards and coins also by helping other neighbors.