Facebook has recently released some new features like video calling, group messaging etc. The most debatable feature till toady is the New Chat Sidebar.

All these features are included to challenge Google+, but this new service (New Chat SideBar) has created a negative atmosphere for Facebook.

According to Facebook this service has the following features:-Facebook new side bar chat

  • Contacts are shown on basis of their chat message activity with you.
  • Names of Offline friends and Online friends are shown in combined list of chat contacts.
  • There is search box provided below to search your friends/contacts (offline or online).
  • The online friends matrix shown on the left side had been also removed.
  • A good thing about this upgrade is that users can directly send message to offline friends by clicking on their name from Chat sidebar rather than going to Messages from left sidebar.

But Facebook users are not able to digest this feature and i think Facebook should reconsider these changes to bring it golden image back or else it will lose all it users as Orkut did. So just go through these points:-

  • Scrolling of chat list is not possible ,you have to make a search query to find the friend.
  • At first look it creates confusion in the mind of the user , who is online and who is offline.
  • When u click on any friend then the chat box appears on screen covers the search box provided in it,hence blocks the searching options
  • The settings button on it is not active till now.

You can easily get away by this feature by clicking this  link :-

How To Get Rid Of Facebook’s New Sidebar Chat