Every big or small organisation has got a Facebook page to promote there Products. Every day competition among the Companies is increasing so rapidly that there is a need to upgrade there Facebook pages so that they really look nice and eye catching. Upgrading Facebook pages means adding a Landing page tab, big Profile picture, etc.

Twitter is of grate help to get a good traffic to your site all you need to do is get a good number of twitter followers and then post tweets regularly using 3rd party applications.

So in this post i am going to discuss some of the basic steps which are really help full to make the Fan page the Best :-

1. Insights (Your In-House Analytics)

If you are already running a Fan Page, the first step will be to start paying attention to your analytics. Insights doesn’t include an incredible amount of analysis and reports but it sure provides enough data to get to know your audience a little better.  Once you know about your audience you can shape the page accordingly.

2. Vanity URL

In order to do this you need to first have a minimum of 100 fans. This pretty much takes your URL from http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/fbupdates/180746308742 to http://www.facebook.com/updatesfb. Hurry up if you don’t have your 100 25 fans yet and reserve your username, after all this is only the #2 most popular website in the planet.

3. Big Profile Pic (Banner Style)

Make your fan page look attractive by making the  Profile picture as banner style. It would really make your page look as not much of the customization can be done on Facebook (that’s good). Otherwise it would be like Myspace.

Manchester United Facebook Page1 10 Steps To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Best

4. Invitations & Bulk Messages

One of the main differences between a Profile and a Fan Page is that you can send bulk messages to all your fans. Also, and one of the first steps you should take is sending an invitation to join to all your friends with the “Suggest To Friends” feature right under the profile picture.

5. Facebook Widgets On Your Blog

So you are promoting your content on your Fan Page, now promote the other way. Bring your Fan Page to your blog or site by adding the Fan Box to encourage visitors to join the page. Facebook provides you with the necessary code to take care of the integration.

Along with the Fan Box, there are many other tools available to make your blog very Facebook friendly.

6. Twitter Integration

You can’t ignore Twitter. Again, both ways, you can now sync your Fan Page to update your Twitter status. The other way will be to bring a Twitter feed into your Fan Page, you can do this with applications that let you do this in a few clicks and add it as tab.

7. Blog Promotion

Connect your blog with different applications like dlvr.it , rss graffti to update your page as soon as you update your blog . This will help you to get good traffic and good number of visitors. More over your fans would be happy about it.

8. Fbml or iFRAME Landing Page

So this one requires of some coding skills and the installation of the FBML  and iFARME application to be able to integrate, but it is great way to welcome new visitors and turn them into fans. First time visitors usually land on the wall, which really doesn’t say much of what you’re all about. This pretty much allows you to do whatever you want with all the real estate on the content area. If you don’t have the design and coding skills, consider hiring somebody to do it for you, it is definitely not rocket science and it adds a lot of value to your Fan Page.

Real Madrid Facebook Page1 10 Steps To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Best

9. Facebook Ads

Those little ads you see on your profile sidebar are a great way to increase your fan base, mostly to kick it off at the beginning. Facebook advertising is really very affordable, you can setup campaigns of any sizes by controlling your budget and they are highly targeted. We usually assume that advertising is expensive, don’t let that scare you and give it a try.

10. Facebook Apps

There are many applications you can integrate to Fan Pages that will help you promote user interaction. Some of them, like the Video app, are already a default on your page, but I suggest you browse through them and you will most likely find something great for your industry or business. Don’t be affraid to test different ones, you can always remove them.

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