This is the latest update on Facebook that it has updated its look. I am talking  that Facebook has Fixed its Blue Bar and added Ticker .Whenever we scroll down the screen we will notice that the blue bar at the top is fixed and so is the Ticker With the blue bar fixed at the top, seeing your notifications, messages, friend request,and search option is in hand all the time with no need of scrolling all up to the top to view all these. People are creating Facebook pages about blue bar and ticker

This feature is only applicable to your Facebook home page.Facebook has even removed all its advertisements from its home page. I think this is really a Good Facebook Update  but many people would surely not like the concept and would hate the blue side bar and would also make Pages to describe the Hatred because that’s what people do.

The other Update is that it has added a “Ticker” at the right side which displays the latest updates from the friends in a vertical scrolling manner.Ticker will also remain fixed at the side as the blue bar at the top. No doubt this is a good thing and would surely make us see the Latest Updates from our friends.


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