For those who enjoy games on Facebook, we’re launching new features to make it easier to find new games and play with friends.” This was recent update on the Facebook blog by Jared Morgenstern.

The recent update about the games is that you’ll now see a separate stream of your friends’ game activity, scores and achievements in a ticker. The best way to find new games is through friends, and now you’ll have more opportunities to see what they’re playing. That was the need of the hour as Google+ has recently launched games and 3rd party applications.

You can now easily find out the best Games which your  family members, friends, girl friends are playing.For eg:-

Maybe your best friend has started playing Sims; your roommate has a new high score on PacMan; or your mom and sister have taken up Words With Friends. Simply click on a story and you can start playing the game yourself.

You can now control who can see these stories for each individual app in your Settings. If you want friends to see you’re playing one game but not another, you can change that. You’re also able to limit visibility directly from the ticker by clicking “X” on a story to remove it.

More room to play

In this you will get a new feature to play the game full screen so that so you can have a more immersive experience.

These games would be played on the full screen such as CityVilleZoo World,Monster World, and Mystery Manor in the coming days.