In this post of mine i would like to bring in front of you about how to save your Facebook profile being getting hacked. Now a days hacking is quite a frequent things. People are running  groups  and the one which has recently come into picture say themselves as Anonymous.These has been responsible for some of the high-level hacks you’ve been hearing about on the news over the past few months.

Facebook pages are most easily hacked and thus this leads to a risk in security. All that hackers is to do just find the admin of the pages and apply there techniques to hack the account assosiated with the Facebook.  I am going to describe about some of the ways hackers try to hack the accounts and the precautions that should be taken care of.

1. Phishing

This is one of the most common way which is used by many of the hackers. In this they send an email that says it is from Facebook (in this case) and asks you to visit a site and enter your user name and password to confirm some sort of information. So never take a chance to visit these links and even if you want then just go directly to the site and  log in and see if they’re asking for information.

2. Keylogging

In this hackers add loggers to your PC personally or bye some trojans/virus. Keyloggers would track each and everything  you type on the keyboard. So always keep your antivirus updated any donot allow any anonymous person to use your things.

3. Educated guessing

From the name it is clear that if a person shares a lot of knowledge about himself on Facebook or other media then his password could  easily be revealed just by knowing a few thing about him. So try and not share your personal stuff too much.

4. Hacking Primary Email Account

When hackers comes to know about the admin of the page all they have to do is just get your email id assosiated with the account and hack it. After that they can change the email id and password of the account and then its quite difficult to recover back your account.

You can even increase your security of Facebook account by going to  Account Settings –> Account Security. I think next time you would certainly take care of the things mentioned above.