We have been using Facebook from such a long time and we have seen its getting regular updated and adding new features. Now due to being simple and smart it has turned out to worlds number 1 social networking site ,with over 700 million users and more than 1500 employees.

Now its quite difficult to tell each and every thing about networking Giant. but some site have given it a try like Mashable. They have created a Page on there site to describe about the social networking giant.

This page included all the things related to Facebook  and they have categoriesed them as :-

  • Facebook 101: The Basics
  • Managing Your Facebook Wall
  • Using Facebook for Business
  • Using Facebook Applications

These all would really be helpfull to all those people who are new to Facebook. Even it would really be helpfull  to those who wants to increase there business using Facebook.

Here is the link to reach the page on Mashable

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