Facebook is one among the favorite sites and why it should not be. We all want to be in touch with your buddies wherever we are .

Facebook helps us to remain close to our friends and also share , comments and like there photos and status updates. Seeing this that how important is Facebook to everyone, Facebook developers have increased its security to a very high extent.

But still there are so many cases that come into consideration which reveals that somebody has hacked the Facebook account and this causes hatred for Facebook. Facebook security is number 1 in all the social networking sites and there is no doubt about it.

Actually its our fault also which leads to hacking of your account because we all never care to check what all options are available in our Facebook account.

The main reasons for the account getting  hacked are mentioned below and these must be taken care of to protect your account:-

1. Never leave your Facebook account logged in a public computers. This is the one of the most common things which we do. We are in a habit to close the browser before logging out , so this must be taken care .

2.Never tell anyone about the Facebook id you use . Facebook requires an email id to sign in an account and if any one knows your email id , it can be easily  attacked.

3. Always keep tricky answer to the security questions of the email id you are using because if your Facebook  email id is know then  there is only one way the Hacker will try to enter and this is through security questions.

4. Always keep different passwords for Facebook login and your email login because you can easily recover your account from your email provider account by logging in.

These things should be taken care by the users of Facebook to protect there account and now i am going to mention about how to secure your Facebook account by updating security settings of  which are provided by the Facebook and we all never bother to take care about it.

1. Secure Browsing:- Always turn  your secure browsing on and this will open all Facebook link as https:// rather than http://

2. Login notifications:- Facebook will notify you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven’t used before and will mail you or send you a message at that instant.

3.Recognised devices:- Facebook will tell you all the recognized devices from where you account has been used.

4.Active sessions:- Facebook will help you to know from where all locations your account has been used and if you feel to remove any location you can easily do that.

Facebook has even put together a Guide to Facebook Security that’s fun to read and easy to understand.

In only 20 pages, they explain how to protect your account, avoid scammers, and configure advanced security settings.

If you’re not using one-time passwords, secure browsing, or even tracking your account activity, this guide shows you how.

It even explains why account thieves and malware pushers want your account.

This guide explains how you can:

  • Protect your Facebook account
  • Avoid the scammers
  • Use advanced security settings
  • Recover a hacked Facebook account
  • Stop imposters


I thin all these things would certainly make your Facebook account secured. So help your friends too by sharing this article with them….!!!!!!!!!