After Apple announced a media event on October 4 with the slogan ” LETS TALK iPHONE ”  at Apple’s Cupertino campus at 10am, there is a lot going around. Everyone seems to be eager to get the fifth version of the smart phone launched by Apple. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the iphone 5 and the expectations levels are very high. I thought to share with my viewers certain things to expect from iphone.


At first people thought that Apple would keep the design of new iphone very identically close to its previous version that is iphone 4. But looking at some of the pictures that have been leaked, we can say it for sure that iphone 5 has been redesigned by Apple. New look appears to be good. Lets wait and see what comes up.



To keep up with the competition and with windows 8 tablets coming in the market, Apple is surely gonna upgrade RAM of new iphone to increase its performance and versatility. Reliability of people on smart phones will surely make Apple upgrade the performance of its new iphone.


While Apple did improve the camera with the iPhone 4, it is expected that the camera on the iPhone 5 will be upgraded further. Many experts believe the screen will be larger, the camera will be 8 megapixels instead of 6, and the iPhone 5 will allow for full 1080p recording.


Apple acquired a voiced-based personal assistant service Siri last year and has not used it much at all, at least that we know of. Apple may be integrating this service on the new iPhone to allow for voice recognition.

If anything is certain, the new iPhone 5 should be much improved and better then previous models. Apple always seems to one-up themselves with each version and hopefully the iPhone 5 is no different and it meets the demands of its users.


It is still unknown whether or not Apple will include 4G capabilities on the iPhone 5. However, if 4G is included, expect the iPhone to be larger. 4G requires a large amount of battery power and Apple has always been careful about battery life. While many people do want 4G on the iPhone, we will have to wait until the meeting to see whether or not Apple has included it.

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