Facebook, in collaboration with The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, will ask members to update their profile photos or dedicate their statuses in remembrance of the victims who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001. The 9/11 Memorial application, built by Facebook app makerInvolver, was released Wednesday, just days ahead of the 10th anniversary of the tragic attacks.

The goal of the application is to remember and honor the victims who suffered this devastating attack on America on Sept 11, 2001, explains Involver‘s Senior Vice President of Marketing Jascha Kaykas-Wolff.

America has come a long way from this attacks, but still about 50% of the people in New York are still living under a threat of any unforeseen terrorist attack. That morning of terror still seems to be stuck like a nightmare to many people, who lost their loved ones, even after 10 years after the tragic attack.

Now with this application people can choose to dedicate their status or update their profile photo, and tell their family and friends how they are remembering and honoring the victims.

When a user selects to donate his or her status, the application selects from the 3,000 victims — which include victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the passengers of Flight 93 and the six people killed in the February 1993 World Trade Center bombing — and dedicates each status to a single victim. App users also have the option to choose to dedicate an update to a specific individual.

Coordinated with its launch, the application will be featured on a number of prominent Facebook Pages including the Pages of members of Congress, presidential candidates, federal agencies, non-profits and celebrities. Facebook and Involver will also feature the application on their own Pages.

The social media memorial and tribute is bound to reverberate throughout the social network, especially considering Facebook’s more than 750 million members and the smattering of partners featuring the 9/11 Memorial application on their Pages.