Recently Facebook has updated its site and we are altogether seeing the new Facebook. This is again one of the worst thing which Facebook has  done. One question everyone wants to ask to Facebook leaders and the question is WHY SO MANY CHANGES????

Facebook users are saying that Facebook should not be worrying that people will leave there account and move to Google+and  instead return them there old Facebook back.

This is what the need of the hour. According to Famous site Allfacebook 5 people HATE THE NEW CHANGES for 1 person WHO LIKES IT.

So what i am thinking is this if you really want to see the change please let it remain temporary and then ask the users and if they feel the change is worth then only add it.

Facebook loves there users and now doubt about it but it feels like there are changing there priorities and making it to business.

I would like to bring in front of you the results of survey conducted and you will be shocked to see that and would rather support the result by liking the page. I Hate new Fb

  1. 44 percent they dislike the design and functionality changes,
  2. nine percent like the changes,
  3. 25 percent hadn’t noticed any changes, and
  4. 23 said they had no opinion.