Timeline, which Facebook unveiled yesterday at a developer conference and plans to roll out to users in a few weeks, summarizes important past events in a one-page display.

This is a good change and due to this we can see each and everything which we have done Facebook. It shows us the record from the time we are born to the present and we can also keep a record of relationship status , and many other things.

I was describing you about the time line feature of Facebook and now the most important point of discussion is that according to the researchers Facebook Time line will be a boon for hackers and will cause lot of insecurity. Facebook well known for its security is giving a chance to Hackers to steal the information about the users.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Timeline is “the story of your life,”. But if  there is a chance of hacking no one would like to use this Feature.

Timeline makes it a heck of a lot easier [for attackers] to collect information on people,” said Chet Wisniewski, a Sophos security researcher. “It’s not that the data isn’t already there on Facebook, but it’s currently not in an easy-to-use format.”

And Facebook encourages people to fill in the blanks [in the Timeline],” said Wisniewski, referring to the new tool’s prompting users to add details to sections that are blank.

So please take a look at the information provided and do not be a victim. Roll down your comments so that we may know what you are thinking about Facebook?