Facebook has become a part of everyone life and thus any changes in Facebook means something precious has changed .

Today while i was reading mashable , they have updated an article on there site saying that its time for Facebook to kill Poke , but i think they are wrong at this point.

Though i know Poke was introduced by Facebook for no reason and still now the real concept of Poke is not clear.

But being an active user of Facebook myself , i love to poke to people specially the hot girls on Facebook and on many more places. Poking is the simplest low-barrier social interaction and so i think it has a long life ahead .

Today i thought to write about Poking so why not make my readers aware that when to poke on Facebook so that we can a low barrier social interaction :-

1. Poke when you see a hot girl profile picture on Facebook, as i do regularly on Facebook

2. Poke to your best friends when they are angry with you and do not want to talk to you.

3. To send secret messages to friends by using Poke like saying Hi using Poke.

4. Poke can help you to flirt with some one.

5. Poke when you feel like poking….!!!!!




Here i am showing you the average Facebook  interaction :-

So now you can get that Poke should not be eliminated from Facebook.