People are crazy for Facebook. I am not wrong about this Facebook has recently launched its new timeline Feature and this is a great and innovating way of representing the Facebook data.

Timeline gives a big  “cover photo” space at the top of the page.

People are creative and thus have made the timeline profiles look cool by changing there cover photos in an innovative way just take a look at these pictures and you will also like and would also want to make the profile look like them

1. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

Playful and fun, we’re big fans of Ekkapong’s rainy creation.

2. Andrew Grojean

This is a cunning way to keep the old Facebook design.

3. Mathew Barker

Mathew makes us smile with a big photo / little photo visual gag.

4. Rodney Hess

This concept is simple, but very effective.

5. Victor Zapanta

A profile within a profile within a profile…and so on.


6. Mohammad L. Azzam

Here’s some mini-me fun from Mohammad.

7. Vinh Nguyen

Vinh offers an imaginative take on the “Timeline” with a look into the future.

8. Lawson Hembree V

Lawson sees his profile pic as a snapshot, with more images spanning out across the cover photo.


9. Maggie Lin

Maggie is mixing up her social networks with a Facebook / Google+ profile.


10. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

The low placement of the profile pic box doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a full body shot, but Ekkapong found a good way to work around that.


11. Rubal Singh

Playing with colors

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