People are creative and there is no doubt about this. Some use there creative thinking in making there world more beautiful and better and some people use there creativity by making there Facebook profiles attractive and cool.

Talking about the new Facebook profile called as Timeline is a very different and unique way of representing your data online.

Another good thing about this profile is that we can add cover photos to it of our choice and we can even adjust that to the way we want .

Many people have used this cover to make there profile on Facebook look different and better. One more thing which is the best about this new profile Timeline is that there is no effect of any new photo being added to Facebook i.e. by tagging or uploading.

So your profile cover will remain as it is. Now we have discussed much about the new timeline covers, so why not give a look at the best ones.

1.  Louise Lundberg

2. Sudipto Mahato

3. Janet Medina

4. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

5. Tom Lambie

6. Jeremy Bronson

7.  Travis Keith

8. Niels Langeveld

9.  Andy Hirsch

10. Robert Falken