Making efforts to come up with something new to get more people to become its part, Facebook launched its most important feature till date which is called as TIMELINE. We will describe you in detail that how to create your own Facebook Timeline Cover.

Its a new look to your Facebook profile with certain new features that will allow you to view your friends activity per day, per hour, since the day he joined Facebook.

This new feature is definately gonna make users sit more time on Facebook going through their friends activites, what they said, when they said etc. Now no doubt timeline has given a new and better look to our Facebook profile but since its launch it has been welcomed with mixed response all over.

Some say its good as it appears and is something new to look for, but some say security and personal privacy is at stake.

This mixed response is gonna be a part of it for long. Now most of the people out there are eager to use this new feature and give their profile a new look. Now this article can be really handy for such people. For using this feature you must be using the TIMELINE feature of Facebook.

If you already have this feature then its fine or you can  get started with the new timeline  feature.

Create Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover

People use Photoshop and many others tools to make a creative Facebook Timeline Cover. On Facebook everything should look perfect and thus people waste hours and hours designing covers .

We will help you to design your Facebook Timeline Cover in a much easier way and you can even do that within few minutes.Take a look at the Cover which we I have designed for my Profile with in 20 seconds:-

All you have to do is just go to Facebook Cover Maker and you can design your own Facebook Timeline Cover with many features like:-

1. Upload Photo

2. Add Background Image

3. Add Text

4. Add Word designs

5. You can even paint and rectangular and circular figures

All these things can be easily done. This is how the website will appear :-

The best thing about Facebook Cover Maker  is that it can be easily used and you can even add many background images which they have already added to the website. I hope you will like this website and also do comment here if you want to discuss anything with us regarding how to create your own Facebook Timeline Covers.