We always keep in touch with Facebook and use it daily to chat with our friends, update status, add photos but we have never even tried to use it for something different and unique. Facebook has never changed its color and have we ever thought to change its color and other things. When ever we start surfing internet the first thing which comes to mind is see what going on Facebook. Everything goes side by side with the Facebook. Sometimes even we forget what we have to do get indulged to Facebook, that is the reason why people call it so addictive like a drug.

Here is something funny and cool which i am bringing it for you. You would love this thing and therefore just do way the steps are mentioned. You would love these changes on Your Facebook:-

1. Open Mozilla Firefox

2. Open your Facebook account.

3. Empty your address bar (where you enter Facebook url)

4. Paste the given code below in the address bar.


Now you will see all the color the Facebook links are getting changed.

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