Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on Facebook all day. I am not making this statement myself but this is a real fact. Facebook being the worlds best social networking site withe more than 400 million active users and we can include the founder himself in the daily users.

Jeremiah Cohick posted the following Facebook status on Facebook,” In the same way drug dealers don’t use the product they sell, I doubt Zuckerberg is on Facebook all day. Visionaries don’t idle online“.

Guess what then after 4 minutes of his status updates we see that Mark zuckerberg replies to Cohick’s status update, “No, I really do use Facebook all day long.”

This really shows that the owner himself loves Facebook and spends his most of the time on FACEBOOK.

This also reveals one thing that Zuck is down to our level and is also a user of Facebook as we are. Changes on Facebook also have impact on his life as it is own ours. Zuck replied to Jeremiah status it means that he must have been surfing on Facebook and seeing the random comments and thus this means that he is also Facebook addict.

Thus far 3,233  people have liked Zuckerberg’s response, 493 have liked Cohick’s original comment and 382 people shared.