Today in this post i am not going to discuss any thing about Facebook or other social networking sites. Rather in this post i would be talking about some people who have changed the path of my life .

This post is dedicated to all those people who have always helped me whenever i needed them with the best they can. Everyone always need someone for guiding and i am pretty much lucky that i have got many around me to help me, guide me and stand with me.

So today this Diwali i want to honor these people and so i thought why not make the whole world aware about them.

Kashish Jain

A Computer science engineering student and a great friend. We both started our websites together but he used to blog  since 2009.

Well, i had never thought to be  a webmaster but with his help i became one. This guy is always ready for help and he always gives tips about SEO, and many other things .

Now a days he is suffering from Football fever and when ever i go to meet him i always find him playing Football on Laptop.








Tanuj Verma

He is a common friend of me and Kashish. Before meeting Kashish i have heard about Tanuj  a lot because of his blog technowit.

One day i met him coming from college but never knew him during that time. He is also a great human being and a great friend and a cool buddy. He is always ready for any thing you want and that’s his specialty.







Karan Shah

What can we say about this guy , well i have never met such a talented person in my whole life. He is of very young age and a very good programmer , graphic designer and a very cool person. Even he is music composer .

He is just of 17 years of age. When you will talk to him you will have a feeling that you are talking to a professional. He knows how to work in a team and how to grow globally.

He is always ready to learn and share. Well one day i am sure he will be a very Famous personalty.



Sudipto Pratap Mahato

At last i want to mention about the best person whom i met while surfing internet . I was new to internet and i was looking for the new themes for my wordpress site . Then i found the most customizable theme named as  Atahualpa(still zero at customizing it). Then i started searching for ways to customize it and then finally i landed to .

I was and still amazed after looking at how beautifully Mr. Sudipto Mahato has customized it. Then i thought to send him a mail but had never expected to get back a reply. To my surprise the person replied me and ever since then he is always repling to my all queries and doubts. The best person as a friend and always ready to provide help even though i know how busy he is. He is a Derivatives trader, trading various commodities on International Exchanges. Though i have never met him in personnel but i am look forward for a chance to do so.


I always wanted to thank these people and i found this to be the best way to do. Hope they liked this……………!!!!!!