Facebook has recently launched its new feature called as “subscribe” . This feature is almost similar to that of twitter in which we can follow any one. With the release of this feature there is a fall in users of twitter and many people have also shifted from twitter.

All most everyone is using subscribe because of various features of it. This was launched to stop people from sending Friend Request to different users and instead we can subscribe to all updates, most updates, only important updates of any person. We can even select the type of updates we want to get from the person.  With this feature we can select what all updates we want and from whom we want.

As soon as the release of this feature , one person was most subscribed and now has crossed the mark of 8 million subscribers. Well we all know who the person is and he has given us all the addiction which we can never leave. He is the Co founder of Facebook and we all know him as Zuck. His real name is Mark Zuckerberg. Everyone is subscribing people related to Facebook and Google and Zuck has topped up the charts by being the most subscribed person.

You can also subscribe him and get all his updates. All you have to do is just click on the following link given :-

Mark Zuckerberg