You just don’t ask, Are you on Facebook ? You just say it, add me on Facebook. Its something everyone has and everyone knows. Just seems too difficult to understand how big this is gonna be. Facebook recently crossed 800 million mark and the numbers still seem to rising of the charts. Almost every brand, every sportsperson, politicians, entrepreneurs, companies, actors, musicians, movie makers, almost everyone uses Facebook to interact with their followers. Promoting their stuff could not have been easier. Facebook is and always has been about people.

Most people out there are crazy for Facebook. But recent changes to Facebook have sued with the privacy concerns of the users. Moreover students, who are the main audience for Facebook, do not find it cool any more. Such concerns have lead many deactivate their account. Same is the case for celebs. Privacy issues have led some popular celebs boycott Facebook. So here is our list of  top 10 Celebrities Who Have Boycotted Facebook.

1Justin Timberlake

The American pop musician Justin Timberlake tops the list of so-called Facebook “boycotters”.Justin plays the role of former Facebook president Sean Parker in the movie ‘The Social Network’ reportedly said, “I’m sort of admittedly ridiculously stupid with computers.”

2. George Clooney

George Clooney too is said to be among Facebook ‘haters’. Clooney reportedly once remarked that he would rather have a prostate exam on live television by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.

3. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore too is not a great fan of Facebook, having snubbed it publicly. The actress reportedly said that she just doesn’t like this compulsive, instantaneous, over-information, lack-of-privacy, weirdo aspect of the world.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston too has gone public saying that Facebook is not for her. The actress once remarked, “Facebook is not for me. I’d be opening myself up too much. I don’t want to sound like a complete innocent, I’ve looked at things, of course. But it’s such spewing. If I look at it, I’ll be affected. It’s like dancing with the devil.”

5. Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg who also plays the role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the film ‘The Social Network’ also hates to be on the most popular social networking site. According to the report, Eisenber reason for not been on Facebook is, “I have to talk about myself all the time, and I’m disgusted with myself, and don’t want to go home and write about the breakfast I tried to eat.

6. Aaron Sorkin

The screenwriter of the blockbuster film ‘The Social Network’ too is not on Facebook. Sorkin reasoned, “I don’t have that much to share, and when I do, I’ll call somebody and say I had a good cupcake today.” Sorkin also thinks people use the site mostly to talk about what they’ve eaten.

7. Keira Knightley

Beautiful British actress Keira Knightley claims to hate Internet. The 25-year-old star reportedly finds it dehumanising to constantly check emails or social sites.

8. Miley Cyrus

Teenage icon Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame reportedly termed her the Facebook experience as “dangerous” and “kind of lame.” She lamented that when she hangs out with her friends, she often feels that they are so busy taking pictures of what they’re doing and putting them on Facebook that really don’t enjoy what they’re doing.

9. Robert Pattinson

The famous model and producer Robert Pattinson too claims that to have no presence on the social networking site. Recently Pattinson’s official spokesperson issued a statement cautioning fans that Rob has neither an official nor personal page on MySpace, Facebook, or any other networking site. His fans should not be fooled by anyone representing themselves as Rob or claiming that they have a sanctioned Robert Pattinson site. These are all false.

10. Kristen Stewart

The Twilight beautiful actress Kristen Stewart too hates being on Facebook. The actress feels that the social network lacks adequate privacy controls.

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