A knowledgeable, technical or an usual guy will surely have one thing in common, to search for their problems they will look to Google it. Google search has made things so easy . Most of the times we use it as a term saying ” hey Google it “. But there has to be a difference between whats smart and whats not. Now use may have used google search a thousand time, but surely not the way i am gonna tell you right now.

I am well known in my relatives for my googling skills.Thats not because i do some extra stuff while searching.Its just that i have mastered a few shortcuts and tricks that exactly lands me at a place i am searching for. This saves time and my smart ways impresses everyone. The art of effective search seems to have been gone its way.

Just make sure after reading this article, the next time you search on Google , you will be smart,quick and impressive. Check out the infographics that follow :

Infographic courtesy : HackCollege