Facebook though is the world’s biggest social networking sites with more than 800 million users world wide is still banned in many countries. Facebook is a place where every one can share there things either by writing on there walls or by making groups , pages ,etc. Facebook has given the option to REPORT ABUSE any content which a user does not like and this can be any thing. When many Facebook users REPORT ABUSE the same content , the Facebook Officials  removes the content. This is done only with in few hours of reporting abuse because  Facebook loves it users.

But still many countries feel that Facebook is not fit for there people and hence does not allow this social networking Giant to make them addicted. Talking about China, emerging as the worlds biggest power has banned Facebook and many other social networking sites. China filter-out such sites to allow its own cyber industry to flourish and challenge the western giants, which is no bad idea. But talking about Facebook is that it is “brilliant innovation” and is the easiest way to bring the whole world together.

China should understand that it is  not  possible to do without poking your friends and keeping up on international news, its convenient, fun, and many times important to us to keep up on current events or keep in touch with family and friends from overseas.

Many other Islamic countries have banned Facebook by giving reason that ‘anti-Islamic’ content is placed on Facebook.

So here it the list of Countries which have blocked Facebook from being used:-

1.  China


3. Iran

4. Pakistan

5. Uzbekistan

6. Vietnam