We all know that Facebook is the biggest social networking site around but what we all may not know is how big it actually is. From the day it started,back in 2004, its growth rate has always been too good for the charts. The most fascinating fact about this was that people took it as cool and came back after logging out. This addiction has grown so much that addiction to Facebook is referred by a term called FAD( Facebook Addiction Disorder).

Google just released a chart showing the most visited websites on internet, and no surprises there as Facebook tops the list with 1 trillion pageviews for a single month, with 87o million unique pageviews. Youtube and Yahoo follow with 790 million and 590 million uniques respectively. Google does not add its pageviews to this data may be because of competitive reasons, and its social networking branch Google + is no doubt growing, but yet its not too big to be a part of this list.

Now coming back to Facebook, a trillion pageviews per month. Do u know how big trillion actually is. Mathematically a trillion seconds means 32 years and i have illustrated trillion below with the help of some pictures.


Facebook has 800 million users but still the unique numbers are so high because certain sections of this site like the profile and pages are available for non users as well. On an average, a users visits 1150 pages on Facebook per month, and this is really impressive considering you tube which has 130 unique visit per user per month instead of all the entertainment and viral content.