Each and every person who is using Facebook is connected to each other. This is totally true. One thing if starts getting FAMOUS on Facebook spread like a virus and almost all the users see it once.

Talking about adding a animated image on Facebook, it has spread like a virus and almost everyone was trying to copy it but many was not able to do because there is a trick involved in it. Well my friend   Anubhav told me the way to the way to add a animated image to Facebook Notes. Just follow the steps as mentioned below :-

1. Select The Animated Image:-

You can select the animated image from this page ANIMATED PICTURES.

Right click on the image and open it in new tab. Then copy the address from the address tab of the image.

2.Go to Notes Apllication:-

Write “Notes” in the  Facebook search and you will get note application and then write a new note.

The Fill the Title of your note.


3. Add the Image Link to Body:-

Just go to the body and write <img src=”PASTE THE COPIED LINK“/> for example:-

<img src=”http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v33382/230/18/01AweCZo5yaRsAvXAOAAC-BZdk7JI:.mp3”></img>



You can write all the details you want but do not alter this code.

You can only add images from the Page mentioned in the First Point.

4. Preview it

Preview the things and your animated image in your notes have been added up. Enjoy

Take a look at this note created using the above method