With launch of the all new feature from Facebook , the Timeline – the story of your life, a mixed response has come from the users. Some liked it due to the new look it has given to our Facebook profile making it appear a little more cool, but security concerns have always been hanging around the timeline since the day it came into action. Timeline gives details of everything you have been doing, per hour, per week from the day you joined Facebook.

Its like a moving mosaic of pictures and videos that tells your entire story. So this was not welcomed by many users as security regarding personal information is more valuable than making your profile a little more cool. So i thought of posting this article to make you aware of how to get rid of your Timeline feature and get back your old Facebook back.  To use this post you must have already enabled the timeline feature on your Facebook profile. Now to get rid of timeline follow the steps :

1. Go to developers page by writing developer in your Facebook search box or by clicking the link  developers page .

This link will take you to the application you have created. Click on the application you created to activate timeline.

2. Select Edit application from the right hand side.

3. There are some links on the left hand side of the page, the last one must be DELETE  APPLICATION.

Click on confirm and wait till the application is deleted.

If you’ve enabled Open Graph for more than one facebook application,then you have to delete all these applications as well.

Now check your profile and you’ll see you have your old profile back. Since Timeline is not yet public, facebook will probably force it on you when it goes public. But till then, enjoy your old profile layout while it lasts.

This Method is not working any more as Facebook has changed the Settings. But you can try this :

How To Disable Facebook Timeline