Facebook stores the entire you, from your name, college, education, photos, friends, status, phone number, chats, tags, videos, to say it has everything someone would like to know about you. Our Facebook account says much about what we are because in some way or other we all use Facebook to our purpose. I myself refer to Facebook as the biggest addiction of this century.

There is no doubt that we all will definately feel great if someone gives us an option to give our entire Facebook activity to us in a form of  book. Think of your entire Facebook activity from status updates to uploading photos, to chats, to likes and comments etc.

 Yes now this is cool and possible with a cool Facebook application  Social Memories. This app analyzes your entire Facebook activity since June 2009 – your status updates, photo albums, events you’ve attended, places you checked-in, friends who you frequently interact with, etc. – and turns all this data all into an elegant printed book.

Every page of this book is laid with beautiful infographics offering insights to your Facebook activities like when were you most active on Facebook, where do your friends live, which were your most popular Facebook pictures etc. Most important thing about this is that everything in this book will be placed in such a nice way that you will love going through every page with pleasure.

Now you will have to loosen up your pocket a little if you want to get this Facebook book. The Facebook book would cost you around $32 (with international shipping) but you don’t necessarily have to buy one to get all these interesting insights.

This Facebook app will create a flash version of the book that you can view on your browser. But the resolution is not good enough for printing. But you can still save the pages of this book you like as profile picture in your Facebook account. I used this and i think its impressive. Do try it friends.

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