Facebook is the biggest social networking site and it is getting bigger and bigger daily. The only reason that this is growing is so much that its too easy to use and each and every update is easily available. The best brands are also present on Facebook and we can easily get there updates . Facebook is user friendly and we can make connections with other users easily, we can search people of our interest and send them friend request . But sometimes people do not like to add new people as Facebook Friends and this leads to a pending friend request.

Well in this post i am going to describe the way to check your pending Friend request status, but this is possible only when the people to whom you have send friend request has turned there Subscription on. So here are the few steps you should Follow to see your pending request:-

1. Get Subscription  

You should enable this and this will allow people to subscribe your public updates. Well there are many options and you can get them all by visiting the above link. You can also see this post

Facebook Launches ‘Subscriptions’ To Overpower Twitter

2. Subscribe to  People whom you are sending Friend Request.

When you are  sending Friend Request Facebook automatically subscribes you to most updates . Well change it to All updates.

3. See your Pending Friend Request in Subscriptions.

Well now all you have to do is go to the Subscription option which is visible under list on Facebook on the left. Click it and you will see all those people to whom you have subscribed and the pending FRIEND REQUEST.