Facebook from being a small project that hatched in Harvard school in 2004 has grown from being a project to largest social networking sit in the world. Its on its way to hot the mark of 1 billion users, with current numbers exceeding 8oo million.

No one would have ever imagined the limits to which this would grow.From states to states, countries to countries, continents to continents there is no stopping this networking giant. Surely this great exposure has had its giant effects on the popularity of its owner Mark Zuckerberg. Mark’s popularity has no limits now.

From being famous in his school , then in his area , then in his state ,country, Mark is now popular all over the world. Facebook’s popularity has made Mark the youngest billionaire in the world. Feathers are being added to his hat everyday, most recent being his ranking 9 in Forbes list of most powerful person in the world.

In the list launched recently, though Bill Gates is on 5th spot behind heads of state President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Vladi­mir Putin, Chinese President Hu Jintao and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  As for Zuckerberg, he edges out British Prime Minister David Cameron and he is youngest member in the list, far younger than the the top ten, at least by a couple of decades.

Here is the list of Top ten most powerful person ine the world.

     Barack Obama ( 50 )



  Vladimir Putin (59 )

       Hu Jintao ( 68 )

     Angela Merkel ( 56 )

       Bill Gates  ( 57 )  

      Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud ( 87 )


      Pope Benedict 16 (84 )


      Ben Barnanke (57 )



Mark Zuckerberg (27 )


     David Cameron (45 )

To see the full list check out  FORBES LIST

Now seeing how young Mark is, there is no doubt left to see what Facebook had grown into.

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