This a Facebook Update which has created a Buzz around. We have got a latest picture from the internet of wall post of Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg that he is leaving Facebook. Facebook the world’s biggest social networking site was started by Mark in the year 2004.He is the Founder of Facebook . Facebook has grown above 800 million users and this is a biggest achievement for this site. Facebook would be at great loss if Mark would leave it.

He created Facebook in 42 days . Every bit of coding was done by him. Due to Facebook Mark has turned as the youngest billionaire on the planet. The trend of Facebook has never fated from the time of its arrival. Considering Facebook as a country , it would be ranked as 3rd most populated country after China and India.


We have found this screen shot from internet and we are not sure that whether this news is true or not.  Internet is a place of Fake screen shots and so this thing cannot be 100% true. We are trying to find the real thing and we would update this Post as soon as we will get any further detail about this update.