Facebook users beware of the new Scam which is called as “Cleverest” . This scam  users to provide their passwords and financial details by accusing them of violating the site’s policy and threatens to delete their account.

Users should be aware of the Fact that they are copying the security procedures that sites use to defend against internet trolls and other bad behaviour online.

This scam comes in email saying that users have annoyed other Facebook users and have violated Facebook policy. Due to this there account would be deleted within 24 hours by Facebook.

Then on clicking this link they reach to a Fake disabled page , where they are asked to fill all there details including Credit Card details .

The access to login details helps the scam travel farther and faster by sending it to new users from trusted friends.

Well i have many times updated about Facebook security Tips so that users can keep their account safe. Take a look at this post  Best Security Alerts For Facebook

Now here are some steps which would help you to know and get rid of these scams. Take a look at them:-

1.Facebook url is WWW.FACEBOOK.COM 

Well we should all know that Facebook has only one url and that is www.facebook.com and so if any other sites is taking you away from this url to any page or site similar to Facebook is Fake and you should always keep this in mind.

2. Facebook does not send you emails regarding violation of Private Policy

Users should understand this thing that when you have not annoyed any person on Facebook and neither you have violated Facebook terms then why will you get the email.

3. Recheck your Facebook account IMMEDIATELY

When ever you have received such kinds of emails which tells you have violated or annoyed some one on Facebook, before doing anything just go to your Facebook account. You will see everything normal their and you will understand that the mail is a scam.