With the largest social network at everyone’s comfort, there seems no stop on the numbers being associated with this giant social networking site. Facebook already crossed 8oo million mark, and the numbers are still on a rise. Question rises is what is everyone doing here, why does every one come back mostly to check out their accounts so often, why is so addictive.

Almost everyone loves spending time talking to their friends, colleagues, partners etc.Now do u want to know what does an average Facebook user do, how much time he spends going through his friends profile, updating his status etc.The average user has 229 friends, of which 22% are from high school, 12% are co-workers, 9% are from college and 3% they only met once. In 2008, the average user was 33. Two years later, the average user was 38, five years older.

Fifty-two percent of Facebook users return daily, and this rate is much higher than other social networks like Twitter ( 36%), Myspace(7%), Linkedin (6%). Clearly Facebook is much ahead.

To know all about this just follow the infographic below.

Courtesy : MASHABLE