Facebook has become too big that no one ever thought the numbers associated with it. Since the day it came to the scene it gas been cool and addictive. The 8oo million members tag is already too big to tell how big Facebook is. It has now spread across countries making the world a smaller place connecting people all through out the world. It keeps your entire data from your birth date to photos, to email id to phone numbers, to who your friends are, in short almost all the personal details someone would like to know about you.

Seeing the popularity of Facebook Google also introduced itself in social networking arena with its new launch Google+, with new looks and features.

With all new features, Google+ has received a pleasant opening, yet it has a long log way to go. Mark Zuckerberg was spotted in a conference lately saying that,” Google+ is a smaller version of Facebook.” Some may agree while some may not.

Please listen to this interview carefully to know Mark’s idea of Goggle+ :


Also check out the picture below that will help you know about the features of both the sites and help decide for yourself which is better.