Facebook Timeline which was launched earlier this year has got many positive views and is also considered as the biggest change in the history of Facebook. Facebook has recently passed 800 million users globally, and this achievement shows that how even a small change can effect the life of human beings. For those who wants to add Facebook Timeline feature to there profile should know that once if you get started with then there is no going back.

But according to my point of view we should all try this new feature as this is just a way to represent your data differently. Using this feature you can easily see what all changes you have done , your status updates of any month in any year and much more.

In this post i am going to describe you about some of the best features of Facebook Timeline.I have already described about some of the tips and tricks about Facebook Timeline before so read them too.

Activity Log

This feature would all the profile owner to see all the activity done and to hide or to show it on Timeline. Even you can feature your old post and you can also delete them if you want.

Facebook Timeline Features

View As

This feature allows Facebook user to see how his Timeline would appear to his friends, subscribers and public. This feature would help you to keep a check on your privacy as you can see how your Timeline would appear to others.

View As

Life Events

Well in human beings life you would see changes and these can be good or bad. So Facebook has introduced a new Feature which would allow you to add all your life events in your Timeline. This is an amazing feature because you can keep a record of each and everything for example you can mention about your weight you gained or lost before an year and after an year. 


This is the best way to keep an eye at you friends because using this feature all the check in which have done is displayed on the map. All your places are visible on the map and you can even backlog the places you have been, as well as easily and quickly tag existing photos with locations