Facebook has released a messenger as a new Year gift for its users though is still in its beta version and is getting tested. This messenger is very easy to use for all the people because it is exactly similar to the way we are using Facebook. This messenger includes Ticker and notifications which pings back to Facebook.com . This would lead to increase in link back to Facebook.com . This messenger could take the share of the windows messenger and AOL instant messenger. The positive points of this messenger are:

  • Persistent access to Chat will increase engagement of the primary user, and also draw their friends to spend more time on Facebook
  • Persistent access to notifications, messages, and friend requests that launch Facebook.com may lead to more return visits than users haphazardly stopping by the website to check for these alerts
Facebook Messenger Officially released

Facebook Messenger Officially released


I have tested this my self and i think every should try this and you would surely like this. So you can download this here. You can see this in Facebook Help CENTRE  too.

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