With Facebook expected to cross one billion mark in 2012, 10% of worlds population at a single place, nothing seems bigger. Such big networks are most prone to virus attacks and videos and others scams going viral are something being heard of quite regularly with such big network. Recently there was  a nude video virus that went viral on Facebook. This video was posted to the wall of all the friends of the user who clicked it.

Such viral spams can be really messy with almost all family members and friends on Facebook. With Christmas eve tomorrow bad guys out there need no more asking to promote their stuff, leading to more viral content on social networking sites. With Facebook way much ahead in number of active users, its most prone to such attacks.

A new Facebook spam goes viral on the eve of Christmas. this spam is spreading fast and is targeting the new Timeline feature of Facebook. This status update says ” Get Christmas Theme for FB  OR  Cool new Christmas feature  OR Free Christmas Theme for all FACEBOOK users !!This may also say something like ” Install this new Christmas theme to give a new look to your timeline now. “As soon as you click on this link all your friends will get tagged in this infecting more people. So just keep a check as your wall will be filled with such spams.

The spam reads something like below :


Spam notifications appear something like below :


Spam appears on your timeline as below :


Now what needs to be done to prevent users being victim to such spams. Users i will suggest you to lock your walls to prevent friends from posting to your wall so that unwanted spams are also prevented from being posted. You may open your wall on some public occasions or your birthdays so that your friends may post wishes to your wall. Make sure you do not click on any of such links, after all your security is more important than a new look to your timeline .