After reading this article you would all be amazed to know that Facebook has a unique feature to memorialize/remove the deceased(dead person’s) account. Well this feature is actually possible in Facebook and i think no other social networking has ever thought about this. Well, these kinds of features make Facebook different from other social networking site.

Mermorializing an account means that reporting an account dead/deceased. You cannot simply report an account as deceased rather you have to report-with-proof  about the account . This is recommend as Facebook does not want this feature to be misused.

With this feature  deceased’s family could get  some privacy and memorializing does exactly that. It set’s the deceased user’s profile as private so as to ensure that only close confirmed friends and family of the user are able to view it and post messages in remembrance of their lost one’s.

For Mermorializing an account you have to fill this form and make sure you fill everything correctly and submit it with legal documents because an action can be taken against you if it is found misused.

Well Facebook also gives you a chance to remove the account completely of the deceased user’s by filling another form . But for this you have to add more and legal documents.

The documents that are accepted as Immediate Family Member Verification are as follows,

  • Birth Certificate of the deceased user
  • Death Certificate of the deceased user
  • Proof that you are an immediate family member or legal representative.