Facebook is no doubt the biggest addiction in the world presently. With number of users estimated to touch 1billion mark in the coming year there is no stopping this giant  social networking site. Facebook addiction has become so common and large that a term called “FAD” or Facebook addiction disorder is being used for people who are totally addicted to Facebook. People love using all the time even while working.

Teenagers seem to be totally fallen for this. I know guys who remain online for most part of the day. While home they use Facebook on their pc’s and while outside they use Facebook on their cell phones. Iphones, Androids and other smart phones have added heights to this addiction. Guys and girls operate Facebook on their smart phones and remain online all day long busy chatting with their friends. People love updating status,commenting on others status,uploading pics,liking and commenting on the pics of their friends. Now everyone has his own meaning of using Facebook. Some use just for time pass, others are totally into it. I have seen people fighting with their friends just over some likes and comments. It looks totally strange and useless to me.

Now coming to the point, i am blogging this article to help my users experience operating Facebook as if they are using Facebook on smart phones ( androids,iphones etc ) without even having a smart phone themselves. Yes you read it right without even using a smart phone. Facebook’s mobile version can be operated on your computer now.It will open Facebook as if it opens on your smart phones. Just a simple link can help you do so. You can experience this mobile Facebook on Your Desktop by following the steps given below:-

1. Copy And Paste

You have to copy and paste the URL given because Facebook knows and it redirects back to your desktop version if you use it in the form of Link. So copy the link and paste it in your browser.


Note : Only copying and pasting the url into your browser will work. Do not try any other method.

Now this look of Facebook is different for different browsers. I loved the one on Google chrome. Here it is how it looks followed by how it looks on Mozilla Firefox.



Drop in your comments to let us know if you enjoyed using mobile Facebook on your desktop.