Indian Politicians always have unrealistic expectations and now they want that social networking sites should screen users’ content before offensive material is posted online.

India has more than 38 million users of Facebook, making it highly unlikely that the social network could possibly meet the government request.

Well Indian government should take some steps to control poverty,corruption rather than wasting their time talking such nonsense.

India is a great country, but if Indian ministers like Kapil sibal (Telecom Minister) always cause its reputation go down by passing such statements.

I believe that no reasonable person, aware of the sensibilities of a large section of the communities in this country, would wish to see this in the public domain,” the minister said.

Facebook has got a criteria to remove the unacceptable content. Users can report abuse anything on Facebook if they find it against religion, public or any content against feelings . The content is then removed by the Facebook. So i think Indian government should not worry about the content screening and rather take steps to solve internal problems that country is facing now.

In reply to Mr. Kapil Sibal Google’s spokesperson said, “We work really hard to make sure that people have as much access to information as possible, while also following the law.  This means that when content is illegal, we abide by local law and take it down. And even where content is legal, but violates our own terms and conditions, we take that down too, once we’ve been notified.  But when content is legal and doesn’t violate our policies, we won’t remove it just because it’s controversial, as we believe that people’s differing views, so long as they’re legal, should be respected and protected .

Readers: Do you think the Indian government’s expectations are unreasonable and will Facebook Screen Indian Users’ content??