Facebook has released its new Timeline last year and this was among the many changes which were done after the release of another social networking Giant Google+. This feature was liked by many Facebook users and hence we give full points to Timeline. Still their are many people who hate Facebook Timeline and want to disable it but Facebook has not given any way to all the users who have started Timeline to go back to there old Profiles. As we have entered in 2012 and many of us would like to be creative and would to like make their Timeline look beautiful so here are a few examples which you should see . These are among the best Timeline covers .

So we should start 2012 by making our timeline look cool, unique and creative like of these guys. So here are some of the most creative Facebook Timeline covers:-

Kay Int Veen.

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Aly Moffatt.

Andrew Grojean.


Nirajan Bom Malla.



Antonio Fadda

Delphin Hauchard.


Dustin Thaxton.


Eduardo Calvo.


Emanuele Bartolomucci.


Enk Shahbaz Mehdi.


 Oliver Alexander.


 Eyal Shahar.


 Fabio Maravilla.


 Florim I. Qerimi.


 Gianmarco Carrieri.


 Giuseppe Draicchio.


Manoj Varghese Mathew.


 Menteş Nihat Baran.


 Helbert Campos.


Jeremy Bronson.


Jerome Vadon.


Jessica Barnard.


 Johnny Gigantic.


Jörgen Bröms.


Robert Falkén.

 Lanfranco Nantele. Another nice attempt with message cloud, but in a more artistic way.

 Leo Lee.

 Louise Lundberg.


 Maarten Walraven.


Nagaraj Vijayarangan.

 Maurizio Mazzanti.

 Mohammad L. Azzam.

 Murat Çizer.

Niels Langeveld.


 Oliver Elsner.

 Ori Hasson.

 Richard Kårström.


Rudolfo Nobre.


 Scott Lamb.

Hope you Liked this and here we have a gift for you. Just go to this link and you would easily learn how to make a Creative Facebook Timeline Cover .

How to create your own Stylish Facebook Timeline cover image