Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world, with its users number nearing to 1billion mark every coming day. Such large number of users comes with large volumes of data. Endless number of status updates,photos being uploaded,videos shared every passing minute , one can imagine how big the network or server would be required to manage that much data.

Technical error occurrence has never been related to Facebook since its inception in 2004. It may have occurred once or twice. Viral spams hitting Facebook would have been heard about quite frequently. Now this is the first day of 2012. There has been a little problem with Facebook just at the start of  this year. Facebook Timeline is not showing the year 2012  in your profile. 

Some of you may have noticed it, and when i did,i went to my friends profile and found out it was missing even there. Talking to some of my friends in other countries i discovered that this error is being faced by most of users in many countries. The post-midnight posts seem to be the issue for everyone over on the Known Issue on Facebook page too. Apparently 2012 doesn’t seem to exist on the Timeline. It certainly isn’t on me. Hopefully, the techs will realise this and fix it quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t help to live in the future.

There is a certain temporary solution to this problem which i discovered. You can update your info in your profile under “work and education” and next time you update your status it will be posted it will appear in your profile. There is a drawback in this method , you have to update this every time before posting anything to your news feed.

Hope tech team at Facebook soon finds out this and fix it.