Facebook has recently changed its chat settings and these are only visible to some users. Facebook has applied these settings to check the response of the Facebook users and definitely these are really good. Using this settings you can appear offline to any of your friends whom you do not like to talk.This settings are still in their beta version and would be applicable in the future.

Some of the people are habitual of chating  on Facebook and whenever you appear online you forcefully have to chat with them.  But with this new Facebook Update you could easily put that person in the list in which all of the users would see you offline.

Here are the steps which you should follow to make yourself appear offline to friends:-

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. On the right bottom corner you would see a settings button

3. Click on advanced settings as you could see in the image above. And after doing that you would see the below screenshot.

Here you would see the list of new options available in the chat. In the first you could add the names of all your friends see you except. In the second you could all those friends whom you want to appear online. In the third you would go offline.

Simply if you want to go offline to any person , then you should open that person’s chat and then at the top right of the chat click on the settings button and then you can directly go offline to that person.

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