Facebook knows how to keep their users engaged some or other activities and this is the biggest reason that Facebook has allowed 3rd Part Applications to run.More than 30% of Facebook users are addicted to Facebook Games and more than 50 million users play Mafia Wars daily. Facebook can be considered as a  gaming platform where we can either play with our friends or other Facebook users .Texas HoldEm Poker  is another one among the most played and liked game on Facebook. This has got 28,900,000 monthly active user. These are some of the  best few examples of Facebook applications. User and other organisations can easily make their own applications but some people are in a habit of misusing things.

Now adays many Rogue Application applications are being created on Facebook and when you allow an application to run by giving permission all your information would be leaked and stored in those applications. This is the most common method now adays which is used by the hackers to extract Important information of the people. Today in this post i am going to discuss the way to Delete any Scam Facebook application and you can also delete any other application you do not like. I would be discussing this by taking an example of scam application which had hit Facebook in January 2012.

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OMG! i just noticed who keep watching my profile and photos. It was really shocking to know that it is the Facebook scam.

Scam Signature Message:

OMG! i just noticed who keep watching my profile and photos. It was really shocking to know. Check who looks at your profile @

When the users clicks this they would reach to an application.

Clicking the ‘Allow’ button loads the following survey scam:

Now you have done all the things which you should not have. You have given permission to the scammer to access to your Facebook data , moreover this application would post on your wall as you as you have seen above.

So while choosing an application which is not developed by Facebook , you should be quite selective because all your data information can now be accessed by application Developer. 

Facebook is so flexible that they have given  us choice to remove any sort of application we want and thus we could easily remove the scam by following the steps given below:

Go to App settings  on Facebook.

click the “x” in the top right hand corner of the application.

Now You can remove it by clicking on the remove button.

Now you have easily removed the Scam application and it will not appear in your feed any more. Hope you liked this. Do like us on Fbupdates to get continuous Facebook Updates delivered to your wall