Since the launch of timeline, Facebook has continuously tried to add new things and applications to keep their users interested and make them spend more time on site. Facebook launched timeline in beta version in September at the f8 conference. With it, Facebook profile was given a total new look with many extra features being imported into our Facebook profiles. Though no  doubt the profile looked better than ever but still it received mixed response  due to the security concerns that accompanied timeline.

On 29th December Timeline was pushed onto every profile, irony being it came as a choice rather than option. Many users found it difficult to adapt to the new changes. Though i personally feel the settings are revised and too easy to be used, but still many users find it a bit difficult to take to the new settings. Just for example, many users like to hide their friends list on Facebook so that others may not see who they are friends with. Its a pretty common thing, most of the users have locked their friends list.

Users who have already  locked their friends list before using timeline , have their friends list locked in timeline as well. But users who have not locked their list before but want to do it now can take help from this article. Just follow the steps.

1. Open your Facebook profile.

2. Click on the friends box.

3. At the top right corner you will find two options. Edit and Find friends.

4. Click on edit and choose only me to hide it from others. Or you can choose any option of your choice.

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