Facebook has never allowed the users to see who all have removed you from their Friend list. We always see how many friends are their in our friend list and wonder when the number decreases. But now using simple scripts we can easily see the person who have removed you from his friend list.

You can see this  script in all you browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer) that notifies you when someone on Facebook unfriends you, alerts you when someone you’re friends with deactivates her profile, and helps keep track of your friend requests.

Please read all the steps carefully to add this functionality to your web browsers:-

1. The Script

The Unfriend Finder  can be found on Userscripts.org. If you’re using Chrome, it will install automatically.

2. For Firefox Users

Firefox users will have to first install the Greasemonkey add-on. Then install Unfriend Finder

3. On Facebook

NOW see two new features in Facebook. There will be an “Unfriends” tab on the top-right of your screen and an “Unfriends” option in your “Favorites” list.

When someone unfriends you, a red number notification will appear above the “Unfriends” tab.

Now you can see the people who have unfriended you on Facebook.

We would like to know your suggestions about that would like Facebook to add these Features so that Using Facebook becomes more interesting ??