Facebook has ever been growing since its inception in 2004. It started spreading to different parts of US to different countries , to different continents. Now we stand here with Facebook nearing one billion mark. Presently its users are in excess of 800 million. With such a big network and such large number of users its quite easy to think of how this is effecting the lives of people.

Many Asian countries have banned Facebook , foremost among them being China and Japan. This is so because these countries encourage the use of their own social networking sites. Now most of us when asked about the countries with maximum number of Facebook users, the first name that pops up in our heads is USA , that is correct if we consider the number of users. But ever thought about the number of users of Facebook as a percentage of total population of a country. While considering that stats you may be surprised to know that Cyprus ranks first among all. This stats shows how popular is Facebook in a country.

(The red bars show the number of Facebook users in each country as a percentage of Internet users, yellow bars as a percentage of the population.)
In Cyprus stats show that 95% of population is on Facebook, i.e nearly almost everyone is on Facebook. At number 3 is Chile where the stats show that number of Facebook users are more than the number of Internet users that is strange. It may mean that people have multiple accounts may be one for business and one private. USA  may have the most number of Facebook users but here in our list it ranks 7th. Other countries in top ten are shown in stats.

Now India and China have the largest populations, but while coming to number of Facebook users India has only 3.50 % of its population using Facebook, while we all know Facebook is banned in China. With only a few lac Chinese able to make their Fb accounts.

You may also be interested in knowing countries where Facebook is banned. Just click on the link below :

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I would like to thank SocialBakers, Wikepedia and World Bank for such useful stats.