Facebook timeline is the most talked about topic these days as Facebook has announced that  all Facebook users would get Facebook Timeline in the following weeks and there would be no switch back. More over your timeline would be linked to Open graph and with this all you activities would be displayed on your timeline(For eg:- If you are listening song on Facebook , then it would been seen on your timeline ). You do not have to like or  share anything for that.

Facebook users are showing a mix response about timeline. Many users liked Facebook timeline but we have got millions who Hate Facebook Timeline. Timeline is unique Feature of Facebook and all your activities on Facebook are displayed in front of you. “It is difficult to accept a new change ” and that is the reason why Facebook users are looking for ways to get rid of Facebook timeline and get back their old Facebook Profile.

The main reason why people hate Facebook Timeline are:-

1. It Shows Everything

I have told you before also that Facebook Timeline is designed in such a way that all your  activities are visible to you and all your friends, which you did from the day you joined Facebook.The timeline shows every embarrassing post you’ve ever made. Ever. From your most recent night of bad decisions to that photo of you from freshman year of high school, braces and all .According to mashable,”Facebook timeline is your digital Resume.” So users are against it and would not want to make everyone aware of these things.

2. For Some, It’s a Privacy Nightmare

Facebook timeline had got many features but since it is new many users do not know how to change Privacy settings of Facebook timeline. This is the major topic of concern and due to this Facebook timeline is hated the most. Slowly slowly all the users would come to know about the changes they wish to make to timeline and moreover Facebook has made settings so much user friendly that even the new users can easily make the changes they wish.

3. It Decides What’s Important

Facebook timeline itself decides what is important and what to show on your timeline . For example it would display how many friends you have made in a month , what was your relationship status back in that month and what is your present status. Nothing is hidden from Facebook users.

4. Scams Would  Reemerge

Facebook timeline is a new Facebook Profile and this would give rise to many Facebook scams. Some of the scams have already entered and Facebook security people are trying to end them as soon as possible.