Facebook users have again fallen in a trap of Rouge Application which says that you would be able to know how many hours you have spent on Facebook. Till now there is no application which can show how many hours you have spent on Facebook. We all know how crazy people can get to know how many hours they have utilized on Facebook. Using this hackers are able to promote their pages and get a huge likes which they use for different purposes. Today in this post i am going to explain you about this scam and how this works  and how we can bring it down.

Scam Signature Message:

wooow now I have seen how many hours I spend on Facebook…to find your time click here > >

When You Click on it:

This will take you to the page and this page already has over 300,000 users and is still going strong.

When you like the page this page would redirect you to a scam application. Clicking “Allow” will give the scammer access to your Facebook data at any time and the application will be able to post to Facebook as you. This will allow them to spam their scam messages to all of your friends. This particular application is called “Look3″, but this page is known to use multiple Facebook apps.

As you can see, this message isn’t consistent with the original wall post. This should be a huge red flag! If you click the blue button then the following survey scam loads:

So let us all be together to stop this application from spreading. All we have to do is that we have to “REPORT PAGE” .

We Have already explained in detail about how to delete Scam applications from Facebook. So for those who have not yet deleted Facebook Scam applications just follow the steps mentioned to remove the scam applications

How To Delete Scam Applications On Facebook