As it has been officially  announced by Facebook that Facebook Timeline would be rolled out for all users and they would loose their Old Profile. Facebook Timeline is designed in such a way that almost every activity done on Facebook can be revealed by the other users, so Facebook has given time to everyone to change its settings according to their choice. But as Facebook Timeline is totally a new concept many of people are confused what to do , how to check their settings and many more questions. Today I would try to describe you all the best settings for Facebook Timeline:-

Limit The Audience For Old Post On  Timeline

Facebook has given the best settings to limit the audience for old post. Just Follow these steps to reach to this settings:-

1. Go to your Facebook privacy settings.

2.Scroll down on the resulting page, and you’ll see that the second-to-last item says “limit the audience for past posts”. Click on the link and popup window would appear as shown in the image below.

The pop-up includes a link in the bottom-left corner to a page describing the new privacy controls, which we recommend you read — do it in a separate tab by right-clicking on “learn about changing old posts.” Then, when you’re ready, click on “limit old posts,” and a confirmation window will pop up next.

4.Click on “confirm” and then you can rest assured that all of your past timeline posts are visible only to friends.

Using this method would allow your Timeline to be visible to only your Friends. You can further change the Privacy settings:-

Control Your Default Privacy

You would see this Option on Privacy settings.

Changing these settings would further help you to better protect your activities on Facebook Timeline.

Another good setting which i recommend you to take care is “How Tag Works”. Changing these settings would allow you to review all the things in which you were tagged and you could disable them if you do not want to appear on The Timeline.

Activity Log

Any individual post by clicking on the button on the cover image labeled activity log, and then on the resulting page, go to the update describing the post and click on the Log icon to the right of it. The options that will appear in the resulting pull-down menu include public, friends only, yourself or custom. The latter lets you choose lists of friends, individuals or combinations thereof.

Unfortunately, you cannot hide your cover image and so choose that cover image which you feel is better for your audience. You can also view how your profile would appear by clicking to View As. We highly recommend this — you can input their names to see what they see.

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