Facebook has been integrating many new feature recently in competition with its rival Google social networking site Google +. With introduction to timeline Facebook has been keen to bring in new features to keep its users interested so that they can spend more time on site.

It seems the company does not hesitate more to take inspiration or ideas from other products or sites. Many features recently being introduced with Facebook seem to have been copied from its rival Google+. These feature are smart list, video chatsubscribe buttonnear to infinite post length. Facebook  is no shy to integrate this features as Google + too started with Facebook’s layout. This things are gonna go along with , but one thing for sure is that users are definitely gonna benefit from this.

The most recent change brought in Facebook is its New Photo Viewer (trial version – not available to all users at present ) . The previous version had some drawbacks. The comments and likes on the photos appeared beneath the photo with a empty space on both sides of the photo. So the user had to scroll down every time they had to read the comments and they could not look at the photo at the same time. So the new photo viewer serves as a solution to this problem. Now the comments and likes appear on the right hand side of the photo and users can look at the photo and read the comments at the same time.

Though this clearly seems to be alike to the photo viewer on Google+, but company seems to be in no worry to be accused of it. The new photo viewer is illustrated in the photos below.

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